Friday, 23 July 2010

WEEK 28 (19-23 JUL)

Week 28 semester 2 with Defence Policy and Strategy Formulation for the 3rd week.Monday class begin with MAF Reserve Force: Concept and Plan for Capability Development from Lt Col Bustaman and followed by Malaysia Maritime Policy and Strategy from T.Nizam Basiron. Tuesday class was cancelled and the time was occupied with our research and final preparation for our assignment that to be submited on 21 July. Wenesday class very hectic on Defence Policy Formulation Process: An alternative view then folowed with Civil-military Relations: Its important to AF by Prof Dato Z. On thursday morning we visit RMP Bkt Aman and we have the opportunity to be the first group to be in the Bkt Aman new building. after the visit we were back in DT to hear the lecture from Mr Rajayah from MINDEF Policy Division. Today we have seminar presentation and I presented my paper on the topic on MOOTW Proficient and Eventuality. After Friday prayer MAFDC Nite Commitee had a short meeting with DPalma hotel. At 1600 I rush to RSGC to meet my SO to discuss my thesis proposal. This is my first time at the RSGC since I worked in KL.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


12 JUL -16 JUL is the 27 week at MAFDC. The module now turn to be on Defence Policy and Strategy Formulation under then Convenor C. Ranjit S.Ramday. The first day kick off with In introduction by Course Convernor followed by lecture from Dr Hj Ismail Ahmad from Under Sec Policy Division, Mindef. The topic cover is Defence policy formulation: MINDEF approaches and Experiences. After the Lunch lectures from Mohd Tarid Suffian Under Sec from Planning Dept. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The topic cover on Malaysia's Foreign Policy: Current and Future Trends. The Q&A really heated with 20 to 19 post to presenter. The monday evening very hectic due to our morning World Cup final between Spain (1) vs Netherland (0) from Inestia gol at 10? minute.
Tuesday morning CPwas briefed on Ex Tahan and through the module CP to present 3 assignment and all to be submit on 21and 30 July 2010. The lectures for the weeks will be Malaysia Sy Outlook: Internal and External factor from Mr Adenan from R&D Division PM office. The other lectures from Wednesday from Bkt Aman, Vist to Foreign Affairs and from CoS Lt Jen Datuk Raja Mohamed Affendi bin Raja Mohame d Nor Hq MAF. For the week the schedule busy with my ICT assignment. .....

Monday, 5 July 2010

WEEKS 24-26

Weeks 24. The DOM module continued with the lectures from various guest lecturer from defence and security department and organisation. The CIMIC Relation by Dato Jesbil Singh from NDU, Defence project Management from Capt Anuar RMN, BSC from MJ Dato W. Stevenson MAF IG, ILS from Cdr Aziz MAF and Mr Subhas from NDU. A part of hard work we managed to played golf at Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang. My flt golf with Col Zainal, Col L Hj Aznan Col L Atok and the end I lost my anti theft nokia handphone that I bought in year 2004.

Weeks 25 began with the lectures fro Maj Gen David Morrison Force Commander Army, Australia on Aust Def Org: Analysis of Relationship between structure and capabilities. The next day lectures from MMEA by First Admiral Mohd Puzi on Coastal Security Management and Rtd Adm Tan Sri Dato Sri Mohd Anwar Hj Mohd Noor on Paradigm shift Public Sector: Paradigm shift to meet new challenges. From the 30 Jun to 2 Jul the course embark into CRISMART from Sweeden lead by Ms Mariana Osihin, Mrs Annika Brandstorm and Ms Balena Britz. The subject covers the crisi management, crisis mgt in Nordic countries and ASEAN. The corse also involved the take home examination and Interactive Tabletop Exercise.

Weeks 26, Today 5 Jul, lectures from SEARCCT Mr Samuel Promunth related to Malaysian Counter Terrorist org. The Lectures for tomorrow related to UN PKO and Enforcement Forces: Analysis of Relationship between structures and capabilities. The lectures will be given by Col Johar Razali RMAF. The rest of the week will be our presentation on the Seminar working group on assigned topics. My SWG-E gp will present the Civil-Military Defence Industries. Coming week 27 until weeks 31 we will SKST 6434 Defence Policy and Strategy Formulation (12 Jul to 6 Aug 2010. The struggles continues.................unrealies that the time so fast especially when the dateline for assignments. Thank you.


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