Sunday, 6 July 2014

sINCE mAY, IM NOT UPDATED my blog due to unforseen job and the mood of writing the blog also reduce. My OPPO also became my nec tools linked to internet, wassup and dowloaded articles. For the past 1 month 20 days many important event took place which I should record for my rememberances. Begining May I am busy with the prep of ex papers, class and month of Jun with many secondary job and essignment either in the college, my corps and family chores. Below few important events I gone through for past months. 16 May - I bought OPPO handphone fm Subang Jaya Wholesale shop which cost me RM 1,790.00. 17 May 2nd Grand son Muhammad Zahin Rizki was born at HTAR. On 19 Vist to Johor and Singapore. On the way stop over at 10 Bgd Para. Oevernight at KSL Hotel. The next day to GKSCC at Singapore and Marina Bay.. The 2nd day at Singapore 3 Div until afternoon and procede to Melaka for Fire Power Demo at Asahan Camp. The South trip end at CTRM Batu Berendam. )On 21 May, Wife involve with Kampar BAKAT visit to KL Tower until evening. 27 may we have dinning out for the officer who are promoted and posted out fm the college. The officers involved Kol Baha, Kol Halim (RAMD- Esscom Pengarah Tadbir/Log), Kol Kamarul (PULPAK-GGK), Lt Kol Syed and dinning in Lt Kol Nasharudin and Lt Kol Edaffi. On 29 May Golf Marathon at Bukit tinggi Golf Resort fm 0800-1600. Thhe month also busy with events at surau luqman which involve lectures and also the prog for Kid Smart Solat. I am busy arrange the messing fm the morning untill afternoon. The month of Jun began with AEFELPS at RMC for the candidate to OJWC DITC Laverton fm 24 Aug to 11 Sep. to be continue... Zohor prayer time 1:21....


Monday, 26 May 2014

SOTH VISIT 19 to 23 May14

Visit south to 3 CAD, 10 Bgd Para, GKSC Singapore, 3Div Tiger, STKinetic, CTRM n DKT. Good but tired. Stay at KSL n Mutiara hotel.


Anak ke 4, selamat diijabkabul diKT pada 3 Mei 14. 2 Hyndai Starex disewa utk 2 hari @270/hari. semua anak ikut serrta tinggal ain yg tunggu hari. Mensntu org KT. Majlis kenduri di Surau Lukman KPTOJ hanya 700 pax. Menu NaxxxI Arab, kbg kapsha, ikan bercili, dalca, ayam berempah dan sudut kopi, mamak mee dan acar rebung. Alhamdullillah semua ok. Wslm

Thursday, 3 April 2014


         The month March marked many memorable when the second daughter back home fm Sdk due to her expected first baby in the end of the year. Meanwhile the first daughter to deliver the second baby on the coming Jun. The month of Mar continued with usual prog with at the weekend attended the WU and market. On the 4 Mac until 8 Mar wife and her 9 friends flew to Ho Chi Minh City by MAS for short vacation. she arrived on the early morning on 8 Mar 14 took by Sai. My self could not due to the fever and also to arranged the dinner at the Luqman S.On the 8 ni illah and Farhan arrived at the LCCT, they missed the afternoon flt due to the late arrived at airport. Illah did called fm amb on the way to Dutch of Kent hosp on the 6 Mac 14. 
      The month of Mar passed with many events with exam, quiz and the lectures. Meanwhile the lost of MH 370 became the sad issued and all news captured the mainstream news and live telecast on air especially on Channel 501 and 502. Towards rhe end of Mar the school holiday started until 30 Mar. early morning 31 Mar the Gp 2 departed to south for KAJIMATAN visit, where CP to write their assignment. We reach Kluang by 1130 after a delayed due to late arrival Abdul Rahman. after lunch we check in at the KSL JB Hotel at jalan Seladang Taman Abad 80250 Johor about 100 meter fm Jln Tebrau. Dinner at BANAFE  (zAMIN & z.sHUK) infront the Zurich Bldg. On 1 st Apr we visited the UPEN at Nusajaya  and brief by MMEA (Kept APMM Ibrahim class psc 98) untill 1300 before stop at IRDA office and site visit at IRDA projects such as Edu City, Medini, and last stop at Legoland. The night completed at DINNER at Tip Top stall at the Jln Muhammadiah juntion to Paragon Hotel sponsored by Irene. we have grilled fish with sambal (sebelah, jenahak and pari) with friend rice and tahu bakar and sotong kangkung. 2 Apr we departed to BSI at CIQ for the brief fm Custom, Immigration, police and RMMP. The briefed by agencies benefited the CP and we ended the visit with tour visit to CIQ north wing with walking brief by Mdm Siti Zulaikha the Chief CIQ  Director. Dinner on 1 Apr with LK Sani cacelled last minutes due to his Comdr reherasal brief for Chief Sect Mindef on 3nd and 4th Apr. 4th Apr is the last stay at KSL room 00001041111111 facing the swimming pool. JCO is our next stop before  ETD to Pintu Tinggi compound. Wslm.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MAC 2014

The time and month goes so fast, now in the month of Mac 6, 2014. The events in Feb past with only 28 days with many memories when myself, wife, mom and emee visited Illah & Farhan at Sdkn Sabah. We travel fm Sdkn, Lahad datu, Overnight at Semporna and my self and Emee catch the flt to KL LCCT. The next day I played Hockey match at Iron River. I had the backache, high fever, flu due to the tiredness and without prep for the game.We lost to Kampar Div ( 2-1).
       The fever took a week to recover and on 9 Feb I fetched mom and wife flt back fm Sdkn. The week goes by Sai also suspected had dengue fever while sanee also had the cough. We also traveled to KT for Sai engagement. We depart on the 22 Feb and stay at homestay and at the evening 21Feb we visited and finished the events. We depart fm KL with 2 car with my brother in law. At night we look for seafood and visited pasar payang area and waterfront. Before that on 21 Feb I visited my nephew at Pricint 9 Putrajaya since we cannot attend their  daughter wedding. Back to KT we droved back through coastal rd dungun, pka, kertih, kemam and kuantan and used LPT. Alya stayed with us for a week fn 24 to 28 Feb. The event in Mac took place with the function at Klang for Nrahim daughter wedding and received the good news for the third grandchildren, but unfortunately the news for a short while bec Illah had the stomach problems and admitted at Duchess of Kent while my wife at Vietnam until 8 Mac. Today both of them be back. Good and safe soundly InsyaAllah. Wassalam

Saturday, 8 February 2014






 2 FEB 14 JAM 2100

TWU-LCCT 3FEB14 0925


"Kejayaan dimiliki tidak hadir sendiri tetapi ia datang dengan usaha, berdoa dan bertawakal"

"setiap yang kita impikan tidak selalunya indah, kesunyian mengajar erti hidup berdikari, Namun satu yang kita akan ingat seumur hidup, KENANGAN"

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