Saturday, 19 June 2010

WEEKS 22 -23

The week started with lecture on Defence organisation structures and leadership from Dato Dr Z, and the whole weeks lectures from MoD staff on Defence Industries, Finance and economic. On the Friday we visited Putrajaya JPM-NSC (Q&A with Dato Muin). The week 24 also lectures from MoD and MAF Hq staff related to defence and security.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

WEEKS 21 & 22

The opening week for semester 2 began with DOM. The first opening by course Convernor Dato Tan briefing and the introduction from MIDMC, Naval Post Graduate School, Montrey , CA USA. The mobile team lead by CJ Lavita, Stephen F. Hurst (2nd week), Luis A. Morales, James H. Morris and Jay. The primary objective of the course is to help CP to be better managers of scarce defence resources, thinking critically how to meet those needs over time hile recognizing and dealing with uncertainties of the national security environment. The course covers the concepts and techniques of economic reasoning, management decision theory, and quatitative analysis as apply to planning, programming and budgeting system. The course conducted consists of lectures and small group discussion periods, problem sessions and case studies. The CP were given binder of course related material. The course was good and no much amendments, according to the timing and conducted professionally. Throughout the course few UPNM lecturer also present for understudy for future course. One of them is my squad (R21) LCol (Rtd) Ananthan and Col Suhaimi (UTM Cadet). Wassalam


WEEKS 19, the visit programme to IMTGT (Penang-Phuket-Medan) aand weeks 20 is the semester break. This is the best and the happy ending semester one but the thesis going to get tougher (going get tough, the tough get going). The two weeks so short and really switch off but few moment a little worriness glittering at the corner with the hurdles of thesis beacon. The good news a group of CP gathered at Nilai Golf Spring and on Monday morning for good swing (Yunus, Malek, Dollah, Mad, Zaidan, Zaman, Fared). Myself and Sobri played together with new friend Mr Aziz and Wife (KLIA staff) in our flight due to the absent of our friends (R and Z).

Monday, 7 June 2010


One week break from 22 May to 30 May after IMT-GT visit filled up with carpenter work to upgrade the staircase and backyard awning with Sai (semester holiday) and Sane (off day). We spend RM 450 to buy plywood, plank 2 by 2 and other materiels. We manage to complete the work in 2 days. The dirty job is to replace the toilet bowl. It is the most challenge since it required new knowledge. The works must be patient and exact measurement to ensure the bowl in right angle and outlet must fixed exactly into the main hole. On thursday night, we departed to A/S by road with my wife, emee and illah to visit my mum. We arrived at 0200 in the morning with stopover at Bkt Merah R&R. The next day we visit my brother house and had our lunch. At night we had family gathering with grilled fish and prawn. The next morning we depart to Pdg Besar and send illah to UiTM Arau. After a rest, we depart from AS to TSK and arrived by 2330 at night. On the sunday afternoon, we attending abg Salleh daughter wedding at Dewn Sri Intan at Putrajaya Holding building.


"Kejayaan dimiliki tidak hadir sendiri tetapi ia datang dengan usaha, berdoa dan bertawakal"

"setiap yang kita impikan tidak selalunya indah, kesunyian mengajar erti hidup berdikari, Namun satu yang kita akan ingat seumur hidup, KENANGAN"

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