Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MAC 2014

The time and month goes so fast, now in the month of Mac 6, 2014. The events in Feb past with only 28 days with many memories when myself, wife, mom and emee visited Illah & Farhan at Sdkn Sabah. We travel fm Sdkn, Lahad datu, Overnight at Semporna and my self and Emee catch the flt to KL LCCT. The next day I played Hockey match at Iron River. I had the backache, high fever, flu due to the tiredness and without prep for the game.We lost to Kampar Div ( 2-1).
       The fever took a week to recover and on 9 Feb I fetched mom and wife flt back fm Sdkn. The week goes by Sai also suspected had dengue fever while sanee also had the cough. We also traveled to KT for Sai engagement. We depart on the 22 Feb and stay at homestay and at the evening 21Feb we visited and finished the events. We depart fm KL with 2 car with my brother in law. At night we look for seafood and visited pasar payang area and waterfront. Before that on 21 Feb I visited my nephew at Pricint 9 Putrajaya since we cannot attend their  daughter wedding. Back to KT we droved back through coastal rd dungun, pka, kertih, kemam and kuantan and used LPT. Alya stayed with us for a week fn 24 to 28 Feb. The event in Mac took place with the function at Klang for Nrahim daughter wedding and received the good news for the third grandchildren, but unfortunately the news for a short while bec Illah had the stomach problems and admitted at Duchess of Kent while my wife at Vietnam until 8 Mac. Today both of them be back. Good and safe soundly InsyaAllah. Wassalam


"Kejayaan dimiliki tidak hadir sendiri tetapi ia datang dengan usaha, berdoa dan bertawakal"

"setiap yang kita impikan tidak selalunya indah, kesunyian mengajar erti hidup berdikari, Namun satu yang kita akan ingat seumur hidup, KENANGAN"

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