Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday, 11 April 2015


presented Hikmat magazine, cook book and Haigate Journal to APCSS on 9 Jan 15

with gen and Col kiat fm Thai

B4 Depart to Tokyo Hawaiian dancer Apocalypse  

At Narita Airport B4 depart to Honolulu
Nippon Traditional celeb New Year

Event month of Mac to Apr 15 -Root treatment by Dr S.Sarah PGAT

Ok no more feeling the pain
upper right molar pic used OPP N 1 Rotate camera into the mouth.

blood stained after the minor RCL


eMEE IN tUG OF wAR - 3 day suffered backache

Fm KTD Kadet block


         Fm KL we depart by 1000am and stoped at R&R Jejantas S.B for breakfast with Sunny B, which cost me RM 11.60 wit GST .55 cents. After bfst we proceed to Bidor exit and take Diamond Fiod to Sri Manjung. We arrived by 1330 and search for thr hse. Before that we stopped at Pet for RM 50.00 gasoline and rest room. We circle the Manjong Town for about 45 minutes looked for 1 C but we couldn't found it until we reached the 1 E and asked the people came back fm the weeding hse. Yaeh we are at the right place. After taken the lunch we proceed to Lumut Mosque for Jamak/Qasar Zohor and Asar. After performed the solat we proceed to the Jamilah ocean dried seafood. We spent RM 47.00 for dried cuttlefish, fish sate and dried fish. 1700 we depart to Klang through Tlk Intan Sabak Bernam junction. We arrived at Sg Besar junction and bought the fresh fish which cost me RM 80.00.  We proceed to Klang to vist our grandchildren Alya and Zahin. Befor my brother in law took Latar hgwy back to BTR. 2030 we arrived at TS. We spend until 2300 played with the GC and arrived at KL by 0010.


"Kejayaan dimiliki tidak hadir sendiri tetapi ia datang dengan usaha, berdoa dan bertawakal"

"setiap yang kita impikan tidak selalunya indah, kesunyian mengajar erti hidup berdikari, Namun satu yang kita akan ingat seumur hidup, KENANGAN"

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