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 2 FEB 14 JAM 2100

TWU-LCCT 3FEB14 0925


                It going to be a busy month with KB (10-14), cultural ni with red Batik on 14 Feb,  Hockey match on 11 feb, US Admiral Talk on 11 afternoon, handing O and Taking O CDS appt on 12. The fol week with HHours 17 Feb, 19 Feb hockey match vs jitra,  GMM at Danau GC on 20 Feb and BFT on 21 Feb. CNY celebration on 21 Night.
                I and wife plan to travel to KT for Sai engagement function on 22 Feb and than proceed to send my mom to AS throuh East West Highway and back to KL on 23 Feb 14. Than the month of Feb gone and prep forMac events/programmed. Wslm.

2014 JAN -FEB

Year 2014, kick off with the sen toff my daughter to Sdk Wind below the wind. She be alone travel via Everybody can fly and arrived without luggage. Son in law pick her to their quarter at SD Mangaris. Over the phone since quite relax since one POLO was brought earlier by her spouse. This remember myself when my first time flew to M.Aust Melbourne and my luagage landed in Sydney and I only my luggage on the 2nd day but the good news all my sambal, rendang and serunding untouched since the arrangement made to send direct to my room at Air Force camp (Laverton). She considered ok since he had the clothes but myself to be in longe suit and without toiletries. 
     I also be able to registered my youngest son at SMK Pdg Tembak. Congratulation for him to be enrolled into Form 1 Jujur module (Arabic stream). The work in the college starte on 6 Jan when 165 MCSC 43/2013 reporting for 49 weeks course. 2 days registration and the first intro began on 8 Jan 14 and I was tasked to take the Synd 10 under Kampar Div. 11 CP including 3 OCP (fm Indonesia, Fiji and Saudi Arabia). The second week of Jan still in the registration and induction for new student and they had the first ex Kata Pintas (oral) on 13 Jan and Ex Kata Pintas (written) on the 23 Jan 14. The event continued as per -programmed and I planed to visit my daughter and son in law during the CNY. The trip was booked on 4 seat and myself and Emee will sepend only 4 days 3 night meanwhile my mom and wife will take a longer holiday for 10 days. The fares costs (4 pax) around three thousand and another two thousand for other expenditures. 
      The flight took 2 hr 25 minutes fm LCC Terminal to Sdk Airport and we to travel by road to their quarters for another 1hr 30 min. My last visit to Sdk was in 2004 and surprisingly the town developed progressively and many new complexes and houses outskirts the town. After having our lunch at R&R Miles8 Sdk-Twu I fall to sleep since we arrived at LCC 0730 to catched the flt on 0945. I woke up when the mpv running bumping into the estate rd. The journey took 30 minutes drive with all greeny and oil plantation. We arrived 1600 and performed solat Jamak and qasar and tok a short nap. In the evening my wife started cooking the crab, and curry for dinner. Meanwhile I and emee sight seeing around the hse, only two houses and the surrounding was quiet and once a while we heard the mc and car/tractor and lorry passed by  on the literate road about 100 meter from the hse. After the dinner we watched the MLawak and fall to sleep due to tiredness during the journey. On the 3 day we traveled to L.Datu, Semporna via Kunak town and overnight at Dragoon Inn +=. When we arrived 1800, Lizzy/Nor and family waited us and we had our dinner at the Restaurant. The next day we stopped over at her hse and 1230 proceed to Twu and arrived by 1430. We have our lunch at Sup Payau restaruant near Twu airport 1330. We checked in at Marco Polo Hotel and planed to Tawau Market for emplang, dried prawn and salted/dried fish and back to hotel at 1600. We departed  Twu airport 1900 and fly off to KL at 2145 and landed at LCCT at 3 Feb,2330. 
         In the month of Jan few event took place such as Alya was able to walk after 12 month 20 days and, attended K.SHilme/K.Maslina married at Dewan Hamzah Klang on 18 Jan. During month of Jan 14 the college event also started with DS induction prog, course opening, course tahlil/hajat, Golf monthly medal and the introduction to the UPNM module for the CP.
         The month of Feb also started with Hockey match bet MCSC Div on the 5 Feb 14. Without prep and tiredness (long journey by rd Sdk-twu) I landed with backache, dehydration and flu. At this juncture attending my blog, I fell my right nose blocked, my whole body in stress, pains and dizzy.  InsyaAllah it will recover before my mom and wife return on 9 Feb 14, 2300hr, if not felling good, than my son (Sai) able willing to pick her grandmother and his mom at the LCCT.


"Kejayaan dimiliki tidak hadir sendiri tetapi ia datang dengan usaha, berdoa dan bertawakal"

"setiap yang kita impikan tidak selalunya indah, kesunyian mengajar erti hidup berdikari, Namun satu yang kita akan ingat seumur hidup, KENANGAN"

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