Thursday, 31 July 2014


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Band of Lt Kol  KPD officer on KPD 57 Years celebration at PULMAT


This year celebration events at my MQ with grand children except my second daughter who celebrated at Sdkn with his husband.Early mng after breakfast we attended the prayer at Khalid al Walid mosque and Haigate community hari raya gathering. 1130 we departed to KSS AS for Hari Raya Holiday, the rd was clear and smooth drive which took about 5hr journey. We stopped at Tmn Desa Kamela before proceed to my mother hse.The next day we against gatherd at my brother hse Tan for the Hj Ismail gathering which to be conducted for every 2 years. This the 15 times we managed to conduct the gathering. We managed to collect fund 17 thousand ringgit. The lunch prepared with white rice, fish curry, chicken masak merah and sambal belacan. After the dinner we proceed with tahlil, doa and the family meeting. All to pay the sham wawasan and khairat kematian and update the information. The meeting finished at 1500hr. After Magrib prayer we departed to Beseri Perlis to my daughter in law hse. We arrived quite late and back home to Tandop by 0000hr. The 3rd hari raya we departed back to KL at 1230 after visit relatives and sister hse. We planned to use the Hwy to Taiping, eating durian and Doli restaurant. The durian and keowtow was closed and we stopped at pasar taiping for popiah and murtabak. After taking our lunch we proceed to Changkat Jering and bought durian and rambutan (RM 50.00) and traved through fed road up to Ipoh diverted to PLUS hwg. The traffic flow along the Fed Rd only jammed when we reached the town and on Hwg the traffic flow quite heavy. we stopped at Tapah for dinner at Pak Tam restaurant with 3 plate of bukhari, kapsha rice cost us RM 41.00. We continued the journey after istak prayer and reached KL by 0000hr. It took us 12 hrs on the rd. Next year we planned to travel early moning to avoid tffc jammed. Wslm

Sunday, 6 July 2014

sINCE mAY, IM NOT UPDATED my blog due to unforseen job and the mood of writing the blog also reduce. My OPPO also became my nec tools linked to internet, wassup and dowloaded articles. For the past 1 month 20 days many important event took place which I should record for my rememberances. Begining May I am busy with the prep of ex papers, class and month of Jun with many secondary job and essignment either in the college, my corps and family chores. Below few important events I gone through for past months. 16 May - I bought OPPO handphone fm Subang Jaya Wholesale shop which cost me RM 1,790.00. 17 May 2nd Grand son Muhammad Zahin Rizki was born at HTAR. On 19 Vist to Johor and Singapore. On the way stop over at 10 Bgd Para. Oevernight at KSL Hotel. The next day to GKSCC at Singapore and Marina Bay.. The 2nd day at Singapore 3 Div until afternoon and procede to Melaka for Fire Power Demo at Asahan Camp. The South trip end at CTRM Batu Berendam. )On 21 May, Wife involve with Kampar BAKAT visit to KL Tower until evening. 27 may we have dinning out for the officer who are promoted and posted out fm the college. The officers involved Kol Baha, Kol Halim (RAMD- Esscom Pengarah Tadbir/Log), Kol Kamarul (PULPAK-GGK), Lt Kol Syed and dinning in Lt Kol Nasharudin and Lt Kol Edaffi. On 29 May Golf Marathon at Bukit tinggi Golf Resort fm 0800-1600. Thhe month also busy with events at surau luqman which involve lectures and also the prog for Kid Smart Solat. I am busy arrange the messing fm the morning untill afternoon. The month of Jun began with AEFELPS at RMC for the candidate to OJWC DITC Laverton fm 24 Aug to 11 Sep. to be continue... Zohor prayer time 1:21....



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