Saturday, 20 March 2010


The course starts with more tight programmed with the kick off with the presentation on comparative defence policy. my gp presentation on the Philippines defence policy with Tuan Is and Radzi. Our last meeting on the Sunday night at lanai unti midnight and he presentation not really convincing the Dr Khaminder since we only discuss the historical defence policy of the country and we did't compare with other country as required. Anyway it is good we the CP have a good comment what the other gp should prepared. The second day (16 mac) the whole day in UKM with the presentation on the Conflict Resolution (CR) class and in the evening the presentation on CR. first syn presented the Aceh Conflict, syn 2 with Tak Bai and the last group Mindanao Conflict. The next dayin the morning gp selected presented theirs ammended paper (Indonesia and Philphine enhancement bilateral security) and comment from CP and DS. In the evening I rushed to the discussed with my SO on my thesis proposal at HELP University (Jalan Dungun). At night we had attended the Diners Club at Istana Hotel. The guest speaker is Tan Seri Abdul Ghani Patail title The International Humanitarian Law- Challenges to Malaysian Armed Forces and we ended at 2359. On thusrday morning we having the presentation on Malaysian Foreing Policy by Gp 7 (Malaysia Foreign policy) and the evening the Theritical defence and strategic studies until 1700hr. Inthe friday morning we had the RFS last briefing from DS Air and some advice from Comdt on the visit. Lastly we collect elaun makan RM 660 for the visit.TQ

Friday, 12 March 2010


Week 8, 9 and 10 looks to be more heavier and some CP present their paper and assignment 2 to 3 times in a week. As usual the class and activities made some CP had to burning up the midnight candles and few CP look happy face since they have more times to prepare thiers assignment. To some the agony of waiting and unpredicted events might be worst outlook if everything comes in a day with 2 to 3 presentation. The week 9 started with Army day celebration in WK during lunch time. The army CP prep the events headed by LC fuad, LCol Nazri as the speaker while LCol Rizal as the MC. We all the army celebrated the day with speches by Nazri, followed by TD Song, cake cuting involving Comdt, DS Army Col Ranjit and HOSSIR Col Suffian. The goodies with a beg of souviners were handed to CP. As usual on Thursday evening we had the guest lecture from India Embassy Ambassador His Excellency Mr vijay Gokhale and the moderator is Comdt himself. The IO is Cdr Fadzli RMN. The week end up with CNY celebration at Flamingo hotel.The lion dance performance and the hi tea made all of us more release but some but we havon comparative to prepare presentation on Regional Visit on monday week 10. The week 10 kick of with PLD and the presentation by CP on comparative defence policy. The days in UKM library and Dr KNizam class until late evening made us more tired and restless. The lectures in the cramped room and warm made created uneasiness. The last presentation on regional visit Philipines was conducted in the 10 Mac 1430 hr. Comments and advice from DS and Q&A look the seriousness of the exercises and the peers rating started count in. we also had the guest lecture in Forein Policy by Prof Dato Muhamad Abu Bakar (UM) on Islam FP in Malaysia. On the evening we having guest lecture from Embassy of pakistan. The presenter was acting Ambassador Dr Imtiaz A Kazion IR, politic and defence policy. The week end up with meeting and introdcing my self with Supervisor prof Dato Dr zakaria, myself, Cdr Ow and LCol Zul RMAF waere lucky enough t be under his SO but we have to undergo some difficulties in problem statemet. Anyway it to be good since SO also to be the examinehe head of VIVA VOce later in Final semester Dec 2010. Everybody having difficulties in preparing PS in our thesis since we have to submit it by 29 Mac after come back from our Regional Visit on 26 Mac. to be continue......01.58am 13 Mar 2010....


"Kejayaan dimiliki tidak hadir sendiri tetapi ia datang dengan usaha, berdoa dan bertawakal"

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