Friday, 29 January 2010


Knowledge will only allowed myself to write the assignments objectively. Without reading the right books, journals and articles it would not give the ideas about the topics well and I have the data/information but the difficult part is how to write and answers the the question rightfully. The smart reading techniques and writing technique will produce good results. At the early stage my little knowledge made myself inferiority complex but after continuous reading I started to remember some events which I have read, learned during the school days/college/universities and the experiences through my service. The main hurdles is my writing techniques, grammar and the analytical thinking/ideas towards the subject matters. One way to improve my writing is to practice by posting in the events/activities into my blog. While keeping the records ,I hope to improve my english writing and work my grey matter critically and analytically. During PLD (Post Lectures Discussion) participation and giving views/ideas among syn will improve my conversation and rehearse my public speaking. Confidence, self esteem, discipline must be practice. Work it out. Wassalam.


The third RM class conducted by Dr Rashila on 27 Janand the subject discuss was the Problems Statement, the research theory and conceptualization on the thesis topic. The guidelines and the framework of DV and IV was shown from the previous thesis and how to go about it. Anyway in the process of writing thesis the CP need to present Chapter 1 to their supervisor before 19 Feb and later to defend Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 in the colloquim by 4-9 Apr. Until today, most of CP have received their approved topic but a few still searching for the right topic after rejected by DS Council.
My thesis topic was approved with some amendment, therefore I must re-adjust the proposal inline with the topic. My research topic is The Singapore Challenges in Southeast Asian Security. To ensure the progress meet the date line given by HOSSIR, the milestone must be drawn up and make it happen. The motto Nothing happen by accident and dont work last minutes and lastly pray to god to ensure smooth sailing in preparing the thesis. Read, Read and record what ever across to the topic. Wassalam.


The first event at Wisma Kancil organised by PMC is the promotion rank from Lt Col (Navy) to Col (Navy) from Brunai on Jan 25 . It is normal events conducted by the college and one of the CP to be nominated to conducts the event. The breaks and lunch (Nasi Briani) on the account T Hj Hasnan . Congratulation and Thank You. The second events on 26 Jan is the celebration of belated birthday boys Jan 2010. PMC (Cdr Halim) started by introducing the CP the Capricorn boys followed by one Aqurious boy. After singging the Birthday song, the candle blown it followed by the birtday boys representatives to thank giving and thier wishes. The standard cake will be provided and the cost equally share by the WK members. Next birthday will be arrange together with CNY at Flamingo hotel. Thank you.


All spouse looking forward to attend the 3 days course at WTKL. The course started from 27 until 29 Jan 2010. This is the first time the course conducted in WTKL since the budget adjustment announced by MOD. What ever it is, the spirit among the Spouse participant does not affected. The good side is everybody know about new facilities in WTKL compare the previous TC at Jalan Ampang. The facilities and hospilities in WTKL is like hotel and the service especilly food are cheap compare to the hotel. The 3 days course conducted by speaker from Intan, Agensi Kewangan Finiancial Education Finiancial Counseling Debt Management (AKPK), Health care and motivation lectures. The spouse had been brief the conduct of MAFDC and the expection from the college towards the course. The Dinner Night and introduction night at Grand Season Hotel was succesfully conducted by sponsor DS. The good of it, every CP to indroduce thier spouse and it allowed everybody to known each CP family platforms. The record which can be recalled during the events as follows:
The biggest family 10 Children (LCOL S.Islam), Two regiment -Col HHasnan )Br, The oldest couple (Lcol Roslan), Oversea student with couple (Col (L) Atok Dushanto/Wife Amelia Rosanty and LCol JB Ramos and Mdm Mariarizza.
To conclude, the wives enrichment course is the platforms for the spouse to know each others and also to know thier husband commitment throgh out the course.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


The course coming to three weeks, now every CP started adjusting their seat in the studying room to complete the first assignment. The critique on the articles NST to be submit by 29 Jan 2010. To this date CP has received 9 topic for the assignments and all to be be submit early Feb to Apr. Anyway, the preparation and admin part look preety good from the first week. Everyday I need to scan the book and search for the relevent topic for the lectures and a lot of new words, terminologies or jargon seem to be allien to me. Anyway, be happy and work my plan "to do list" every morning for the next day to ensure the smooth sailing day. Keep the work done and record in the computer for future references.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Today subject is the into of RM by Dr Rashila, but I only manage attending her lecture at the last session. I have to attend


Today subject is the into of RM by Dr Rashila, but I only manage attending her lecture

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The last lecture from Assoc Prof Dr Ruhanas Harun on IR when I was attended MAFSC -UM 1998. Today lecture (after 13 years) was delivered by her on IR subject. She is The Head of IR in UKM. Being the experience lecturer, she was able to deliver her lecture in time given and most of CP could recalled the subject even though we were away from academia lectures on the subject matters. To CP, most of the inputs are in their knowledge but not in terms of analysis and it's relationship to the Malaysia IR as perse. The learning objectives or learning SKST 6473 is to understand the objectives and instruments of Malaysia Foreign policy. Secondly to make connection between theory and practice by developing arguments to substantiate a particular position in Malaysian's foreign policy, thirdly to critically assess the domestic and external factors shaping Malaysia's foreign policy and lastly, to evaluate Malaysia's role critically and contribution in international affairs.
CP also was given/task to prepare group assignment with 4,000 words and to present it as the date decided in the programme started from 4 Feb 2010. The last group will present their assignment 0n 29 Apr 2010. Assessment and grading allocated with 40% on assignments, (group and individual) 20% on quiz and 40% on final examination. Before the IR class ,Syn PLD discussed on analytical essay with general comments from DS Kol Zainal Hj Piee RMAF. and ADS Lt Kol Abdul Razak RMAF. The comments from our essay from DS - the essay must be readable, clear, use more IR terms or jargon and the essay must be simple, short and simple. The views from CP also were disscused and shared toward our styles in managing our time through out first week at MAFDC. The day knock off after attending the briefing from Mindef Library. Tomorrow subject, CP to attend the Research Methodology at UKM from Assoc Prof Dr Rashila Ramli and collecting our Matric Card. This card is for CP to access into UKM and also accessing into UKM Portal/Library. The important admin of the day is collecting Lenovo notebook (loan) from MAFDC IT Clerk Cpl Annuar and at 1800 hr end up with jogging around Keramat Kiri routes. Wassalam.

Monday, 18 January 2010


Alhamdullilah, my aim to conduct the Bacaan Yasin and Tahlil was formalize at the surau Al Haq last night. Even though not many khariah attend but with the present from 20 tabligh group from S.Alam make the event more fruitful. This event is to recite Yassin and Tahlil for my late father and parent- in- law and also my thankful to Allah. The event continue with the lecture from Tabligh representatve and end up with solat Isyak. Thank you to my wife who is very hard working preparing the meehoon goreng and kueh kole kacang for the dinner at the surau. Wassalam.


The first lecture by Dr Ravichandran Moorthy on the related topic. The objectives of the subject is to understand the defence formulation based on theoritical and analytical concept from realism ideology in formulation of defence policy. The second objectives to acqires the knowledge of defence policy evolution of the states (domestic/external environment). The third objective is to compare the defence policy consideration amongst countries in Asia Pacific Region. The conduct of the paper will be divide into 2 part, part 1 on theoritical anad analysis component while the second part will be on defence policies of selected nation and area (case studies and presentation).
The assessment will be 10percent on student participation during discussion, 25 percent on individual assignment, 25 percent on group assignment and 40 percent on examination. The first subject base on the introduction on defence policy formulation, adaptation and approved before disseminate together with national foreign policies. The comparative defence policies between super power, middle power and smalls states to be discuss and analyse by CP in the case study presentation and also during group presentation. Few terminologies and jargon were used - dimension of war- double death, gun boat diplomacy, non state actors, public diplomacy, the world is shrinking, wrong door policy.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


From the day of reporting, all CP were briefed do's and dont's in going through the one year course. Most of the guidelines and advices to ensure CP to be alerts and aware the course requires full attentions, hard working, cooperation and but not least to ensure all CP to received their scroll with flying colours. Warm up essay was given to CP to fell the course environment and start the ball rolling especially writing short essay about political science and defence security. CP to submit 12,000 words essay before 17 Feb 10. Even though essay is not graded, CP to be aware that the judgment from DS on CP will be focus on the CP knowledge, critical analysis on the issue given and the style of writing. The one hour analytical essay on 15 Jan 10 also with objectives to gauge the CP knowledge, preparation and standard of english writing among CP.
On the third day, the UKM briefing was conducted in Seri Punjangga Corner related on the MAFDC and UKM module (Defence Research). The opening by Deputy Dean Puan Haniza and followed by course briefing by Puan Salina UKM Course coordinator. The whole day ended at Tun Seri Lanang Library for the briefing on the library facilities. Nexk week CP will be attending the first class in Dewan Trisakti (TS) and the war, hard work, confused and first step will begin for another 358 days. On admin side the pigeon holes starts producing eggs for next week program and field study visit somewhere in Mac to Philippine and Indonesia.
Wife Enrichment Course will be held from 27 to 29 Jan 2010 and few CP have to write letter seeking exemption for wife not attending the course due their commitment. Some started to plan how to send kid to schools, permission from the employees and etc but the bottom line the enrichment course is good for wife to understand their spouse activities/hardwork throughout the course.
From the week one the advice by the Commandant Dato Tan Eng Seng RMN was the most important for CP to remembered since alot of advice, expectation and diciplined to be adheres with. This follows the lectures /briefing from HOSSIR (Head Of Staretgic Studies and International relations) Col Suffian RAD lastly the syndicate discussion where CP were allowes to practice talking, arguing, throws ideas and solving their problems wisely. Here are few words/connotation collected through the first week:
Time management, keep fit, study hard, dont procastinating, enjoyed, family first, keep talking, think before your talk, enggage your brain before you talks, speaks and argues wisely, read,read and read, be puntual, work deligently, analytical thought, be yourself/positive, learn alot and enjoy alot, COW (commitment, organise, work it out and work it happen) and write objectively and a joke of the week dont forget to pay the water bill. The lesson learned - the moments you accept the job everything will automatically start (example - no breaks on the third day) due to programme amendmend.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Hari kedua, di awal pagi ditaklimatkan oleh TK mengenai sejarah, obj dan modul kursus Sarjana Sains Sosial (Kajian Pertahanan). Jam 940 disusuli pembukaan kursus. Intipati ucapan mengenai pengurusan masa, kerjasama, jangan tangguh kerja, beri masa untuk bersukan dan yang paling penting membaca buku-buku berkaitan nan negarahubungan politik dll berkaitan strategi dan pertahanan. Selepas ucapan pembukaan pelantikan course president diberikan kpd Col Zaki TUDM. Sebelum makan tengahari AJK telah dilantik mengikut keperluan kolej. Biasalah KPD dilantik sebagai AJK Sajian. Selesai kelas aku ke Tkt 14, temuduga keluar dengan AKS BJ D Pahlawan Razif, danjam 4 ptg diakhiri dengan jamuan perpisahan.

Senarai: Pres Col Zaki, DPres LCol Rezal, Sect LCol Zulmajdi, Treaserur LCol Dr Yunus, messing LCol Tayazi, Sport G LCol Abdullah, Bowl LCol Radzi, PMC Cdr Halim, Trisakti LCol Saifudin, Archive LCol Nubli, Religous Cdr Kamarudin. Spship LCol Md Nor, Kdr Hanafiah, Supt Mohamad. Wasalam.

Monday, 11 January 2010


11 Jan 2010, aku dan rakan-rakan seperjuangan melapor di Dewan Trisakti bagi menjalani kursus. Seramai 40 pegawai terdiri drp 33 pegawai ATM, 2 pegawai Polis dan 5 pegawai luar negara (China, Singapore, Brunai, Indonesia dan Filipina). Hari pertama kami diberi penerangan mengenai pentadbiran dan mengambil buku-buku rujukan (43 buah). Esok akan dirasmikan oleh Komandan dan diteruskan dengan taklimat pentadbiran. Pada 13 Jan ke UKM bagi sesi pendaftaran dan orientasi Master in Strategic and Defence Studies. 14 Jan adalah secara formalnya
kursus bermula dengan Synd Formal Intro, warming up essay. 15 Jan pula adalah menulis analytical essay. Minggu ini jadual masih lagi diperingkat pentadbiran dan suai kenal mungkin minggu hadapan makin bertambah. wassalam.

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Jam 1530 aku bersama isteri dan dua anak ke Lanai Gurney Height menghantar barang-barang untuk meneruskan perjuangan diMAFDC. Sehari aku mengumpul dan menyenaraikan barang-barang dan peralatan yang perlu dibawa. Buku dan phamplet juga disusun rapi agar aku tidak perlu berulangalik atau mengeluarkan belanja bagi barang-barang yang tidak perlu. Setibanya diLanai GH aku dibawa ke tkt 20 dan ditempatkan bersama 2 rakan seperjuangan (RMN dan RMAF). Semuanya nampak rapi dan anak yang kecil sibuk memeriksa sekeliling aparment sambil bercoloteh dengan suasana dan pandangan sekitar tempat penginapan. Aku juga menunjukan tempat aku bekerja di Tkt 14 dan juga tempat aku berkursus nanti agar mereka tahu dimana abahnya berada dihari bekerja. Selesai berkemas kami bergegas ke rumah M.Sani di Blok 2 MQ Mindef. Rumah-rumah tersebut baru diduduki dan semua perabot disediakan. Jam 6 ptg selepas solat asar kami balik dan aku terpaksa mengemas sebahagian lagi barang-barang perlu setelah mencatatkan yang kurang. Rupa-rupanya banyak lagi barang perlu dibawa. selepas ini Lanai GH akan menjadi ruang dan masa yang perlu dimanfaatkan dan diihari minggu masa perlu diperuntukan kepada keluarga pula. Ari ini adalah langkah pertama kursus MPAT dan besok 11 Jan 2010 pasti bertambah getir dengan program-program yang dijangka padat dan mencabar. Buat masa ini aku tidak gusar dan mahu menyelesaikan tugasan dengan sebaik mungkin. Wasalam.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Selepas Krimas 26 Dis, kami ke CH melalui Tapah dan sampai di Lata Iskandar jam 11 pagi. Kami bersarapan di kai air terjun dengan pulut sambal bilis dan ikan kering. Selesai kami menjamu selera dengan buah tampoi, langsat dan durian perjalanan diteruskan ke Tanah Rata. Jalan melalui Tapah berbengkang bengkok dan aku membuat pilihan tetap melalui jalan tersebut kerana ramai pelancong tersangkut hampir 2 jam dari Brinchang ke Tanah Rata akibat kesesakan jalan. Jam 1 tengahhari kami tiba di Cool Point Hotel untuk melapor kepada sekretariat Hari Keluarga pejabat.Memandangkan kami memerlukan 3 bilik kami ditempatkan di Apartment Puncak Arabbela. Malam kami menghadiri B.B.Q sempena pertukaran warga pejabat, mendapat cahaya mata dan meraikan anggota bertukar masuk.
Keesokan harinya kami bergerak ke Ringlet, Brinchang dan menyusuli perjalanan ke arah Spg Pulai memandangkan anak-anak ingin melawat ladang teh, sayuran dan strawberi. Kami singgah sambil menikmati teh Bharat dengan secangkir Teh Masala Cai seterusnya ke ladang 3P strawberi (pick,pluck and pay). RM 25 bagi 500 gm (25 ke 30 biji) jadi puaslah berposing aksi pemetik strawberi. Musim ini CH cuacanya amat sejuk berbanding tahun 2008 mungkin disebabkan hujan. Selesai urusan kami balik melalui Spg Pulai dan selamat sampai jam 5 ptg.


Bonus tiada cuma sagu hati dan macam lebih kurang wang ehsan. Kebiasaanya di awal tahun bonus yang diterima dapat mengurangkan bebanan kewangan. Bayangkan kalau yang gaji kecik pasti banyak yang terpaksa dikemudian. Walau apapun kalau dari awal dibuat simpanan semuanya akan lebih senang, tapi kalau diberi bonus simpanan tak perlulah dikeluarkan. Dua anak juga mula semester masing-masing dan paling tidak RM 500.00 perlu dibelanjakan bagi yuran asrama, alatan peribadi. PTPTN hanya terima cukup untuk bayar yuran sahaja. Ditambah 2 anak lagi perbelanjaan pun mencecah RM 500.00 bagi yuran, buku tulis dan pakaian almaklumlah badan sedang membesar. Bebanan ditambah pula dengan tuisyen dan perkakas kokurikum. Inilah perbelanjaan yang perlu ditangung oleh ibubapa di akhir tahun dan di awal tahun, akibat tiada bonus yang tak menyimpan sebab tak cukup belanja bulanan terpaksalah membuat pinjaman peribadi atau apa cara untuk memastikan anak masing menerima pelajaran tanpa gangguan. Bayaran bas sekolah, baiki basikal dan juga kereta sendiri juga perlu wang di awal persekolahan ,jadi kesemuanya memerlukan wang dan wang.
Adalah lebih baik bonus diberi setiap tahun paling tidak pun seribu ringgit bagi merancakkan lagi ekonomi dan stress rakyat. Bak menegakkan pepatah--- rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan.---- Wang kalau diberikan tentunya berlegar di dalam negara tak rugi, jangan sampai ada persepsi merubah takut tahun depan diberi hanya dianggap ada udang disebalik batu atau memujuk. Zaman sekarang semua orang dah boleh baca dan buat pelbagai cerita melalui persepsi masing-masing. Wasalam.


Tahun 2010 adalah tahun kelahiran ke 50, perkhidmatan ke 30 dan usia perkahwinan ke 26, anak sulung ke 25 dan aku juga melangkah setapak di dalam kerjaya ke MAFSC mulai 11 Jan. semua ini adalah dengan izin Allah jua. Disaat akhir banyak dugaan dan rintangan tetapi berkat doa dan usaha ianya berjalan dengan mudah. Pencalunan yang dulunya tertangguh, sakit dan juga pelbagai dugaan akan menjadikan diri lebih bermotivasi dan sentiasa beristiqamah di dalam melaksanakan tanggungjawab kepada Allah Subhanahuwataala.
Mulanya tahun baru demam panas dan selesema/sakit tekak isteri mula merebak kepad aku dan anak-anak. Cuti awal tahun dapat aku gunakan sepenuhnya menghantar dan menyelesaikan persekolahan anak ditahun 3 SRSAD, SRAKJ dan anak di tkt 2 di SMSAD. Semuanya berjalan lancar dan kedua-duanya sesi petang, mudah untuk urusan persekolahan. Cuti seminggu dapat digunakan juga bersenam selepas menghantar anak kesekolah dan di waktu petang. walaupun cuaca hujan di awal pagi, hasrat tetap diteruskan walaupun berpayung, bukan apa untuk memastikan kesihatan benar-benar baik dan untuk menpercepatkan kebah demam selsema.
Walaupun terasa diusia sebegini kenapa perlu aku memaksa diri bersenam dan menghadapi kursus yang mencabar (dual module dalam masa setahun)?. Setelah membuat pelbagai persoalan, pertanyaan dan bermunajat kepada Allah aku pasrah dan menerima segalanya dengan penuh kesyukuran kerana masih ada sahabat yang pasti sedikit kecewa. InsyaAllah banyak kebaikan akan aku perolehi kerana permulaan satu tapak memulakan satu perjalanan yang diredai Allah. Persiapan juga dibuat secara sederhana terutanmanya mengatur perjalanan kehidupan harian yang rutin kepada kehidupan seorang pelajar dan ketua keluarga. kalau dulunya hanya tumpukan kerja harian yang boleh diselesaikan sendirian dan disiapkan dalam bebarapa hari tetapi tahun 2010 semuanya perlu dibuat pengurusan masa yang padat dan memenuhi semua aspek. Walau apapun soal ibadah dan doa adalah yang perlu dikuatkan sebilang masa dan berusaha sebaik mungkin. Wasalam.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hampir 2 minggu tidak kemaskini blog, bukan apa ambil masa untuk menilai kembali tahun 2009 dan merancang tahun 2010. Seminggu di pejabat membuat urusan


"Kejayaan dimiliki tidak hadir sendiri tetapi ia datang dengan usaha, berdoa dan bertawakal"

"setiap yang kita impikan tidak selalunya indah, kesunyian mengajar erti hidup berdikari, Namun satu yang kita akan ingat seumur hidup, KENANGAN"

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